Sunday, June 1, 2008

Love Courageously

A visitor to the Flash Movie, "Love Courageously" left me this comment and quesion.

this poem is really great, esp. i come across it when i am confused about whether i need to love or not .i am hesitate to love because of past hurt.
and i can only understand part of it,could you please kindly offer some explanation about it
thanks, the Father be with you

Here is my reply to that person.


The words of this particular flash movie came from CS Lewis book, "The Four Loves". Well, if you can get whole of the book, you will understand everything the author wants to share. You can also find out more about the book by going to to read reviews and synposis.

Even God gets hurt because he loves us. So to imitate Christ is not to seek to be hurt but to know that you will be. We are all selfish and we will be hurt when love is not reciprocated. We are incapable of love that doesn't end in misery unless our love is from God. A good example of this would be from the life and work of Mother Teresa. She encourages us to love until it hurts and beyond that there is no more hurt, only love.

To love without drawing from God's love is "foolhardy" but very common. Somehow we find a practical balance somewhere between giving and receiving but that is shortchanging ourselves from what God plan for us to enjoy. Each of us must begin somewhere, so start with where you are at. Just don't forget who is the author of love. If you believe in him he will teach you along the way. Websites like mine are only messengers for him.

Sichuan Earthquake

A friend sent me this as part of a powerpoint. Left a very strong impression on many people I forwarded it to.

This baby, after being buried over 24 hours, miraculously, was rescued unscratched. He is about 3-4 months old, and his mother kneeled down, pinned her head and hands on the ground to shielded him from the falling concrete, and milked him. His mother did not make it out. A rescue worker found his mom’s cell phone in his wrapper. It had a text message left by his mother:
“Dear child, if you survive, please remember, Mom loves you forever…”