Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thirsting for and Seeking the Lord's Face (Psalm 63)

Thanks Jeremy for sharing this.

我心切切渴慕你,乾旱疲乏無水之地。 你是我一切,我心完全屬於你,只願更多與你相親。 我要切切尋求你,乾旱疲乏無水之地。 你是我一切,我心不住思念你,只願與你面對面。 我要永永遠遠來愛你,我要永永遠遠渴慕你。 你是我一切,我心不住思念你,只願與你面對面。 你的愛最美,我心不住思念你,只願與你面對面。

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Push: Not easy, but the right thing to do

No eagle chick would throw itself out of its nest. They had to be pushed. That was the right thing for the parents to do. We gotta to do the same for our kids.