Thursday, September 25, 2008

Use your imagination to leave heartprints.

This story has been circulated on the Internet for sometime. It is now made into a film snippet. It shows that you don't need money to help others. You can do as well, may be better with some imagination and creativity.

What is your gift? Everyone has something to offer.


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Anonymous said...

Humans is the worth creative imaginable by Humanself because a money is a factor.
The present a poor human increase from the family economic social country and other factor effect.
My gift is giving from the generous and pure heart,giving unconditionally without hoping anything in return,giving for the sake of giving satisfaction and fulfillment.
I gave away all I have left is what I gave away for a poor person.
"Imagination is more powerful than knowledge." "Imagination rules the world."
Do what you love,and the money will follow.
Speed up your dream. What you focus on, expands.

Best regards,

Victoria sareeboot