Friday, January 16, 2009

Heartprints from my wife, Daisy

I woke up this morning, turn on my PC and saw an email Daisy left me. You know after having been married for so many years, how most couples talk to each other. No, we have not given up on the nice little things, we still have them but by and large we have grown beyond them - "We give presents without the gift wraps" How many of you still keep your gift wrap anyway?

So here they are, some songs I used to play over and over again on my way to college so many years ago. Songs that forms part of me and continue to shape me till this day. She found them on Youtube and as I was already asleep by then, she emailed them to me EXACTLY as they appears here with a subject line "found this... love it" so I must get to them right away.

My favorite? The second song.

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